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Article: Introducing Cash Only

Introducing Cash Only - Goodnews Skateshop

Introducing Cash Only

We’re now one of the few shops in Canada to sell Cash Only. Originally established as a distribution firm catering to its affiliated label, Butter Goods, Cash Only now acts as a conduit between contemporary skateboarding trends and the vibrant essence of 90's hip hop and skateboard culture. Their apparel, decks, and accessories frequently feature nostalgic imagery, evoking memories of the Golden Era.







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Dime Holiday 23

Dime holiday has arrived and some amazing pieces on this one for the colder months ahead. Some amazing jackets including the Polar Fleece Sherpa lined jacket and the Wave Plaid jacket. Amazing sele...

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Dime Spring 24 - Goodnews Skateshop

Dime Spring 24

Dime Spring 24 has hit the shop. Some amazing pieces including: Wave Cable Knit Polo that has an amazing fit, really good quality, and the brands signature wave pattern. Striker Jersey that fe...

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